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As the holidays draw near, one of the biggest struggles is often finding the perfect stocking stuffers that are both meaningful and delightful. There’s always the usual suspects—a pair of socks, a pack of Chapstick, maybe a gift card—but besides those, what other gifts does one want in their stockings?!

As a seasoned beauty editor, may I recommend a bottle of the #1 selling perfume in the U.S.? The jumbo 2-ounce bottle of Philosophy’s fan-favorite Amazing Grace Perfume ($64) offers the ideal solution to the annual challenge of finding that elusive, yet essential, stocking stuffer. Even better—it ships for free all month long on QVC, alongside a slew of other Philosophy goodies.

Philosophy, Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette – 2 oz. — $64.00

Features notes of bergamot and delicate muguet blossoms.

Since its release in 1996, Amazing Grace has wowed shoppers across the world with its delicate musky-floral blend. So much so, in fact, that Philosophy sells a bottle of the cult-favorite scent every 30 seconds. Additionally, according to the brand’s site, the layering collection—which now features not only Amazing Grace, but Amazing Grace Ballet Rose ($58), Amazon Grace Bergamot, and Amazing Grace Magnolia—has received over 26 awards in the past 25 years.

And that’s not just a brand patting itself on the back—the reviews hold up. W+G’s Commerce Editor, Francesca Krempa, has sworn by the subtle scent for years ever since she discovered it back in high school circa 2011.

“It’s the only scent I can’t get sick of,” Krempa says. “There’s something summery and beachy about it that makes me associate it with summer, even when I wear it in the dead of winter. It also layers beautifully, especially over the matching Amazing Grace Body Lotion. Together, it makes me smell like a real-life angel.”

It’s because of reviews like these that Philosophy continues to expand its Amazing Grace portfolio. In addition to eau de toilettes and eau de parfums, shoppers can choose from a selection of Amazing Grace body products Krempa mentions, like shower gels, firming emulsions, scrubs, and sprays. Like the OG perfume, these are all shipping for free all month long on QVC, too, just in time for the holiday gifting season.

With so much to choose from, there’s no reason their stockings shouldn’t be completely stuffed this December. Get the Jumbo Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfume here, or scroll to shop more scent-sational goodies.

Philosophy, Amazing Grace Stocking Stuffer Duo — $48.00

Need multiple stocking stuffers? This duo includes two individual holiday gift sets that make the perfect small presents. Each set includes one rollerball perfume of the best-selling Amazing Grace, plus a travel-sized bottle of bath gel that doubles as bubble bath. It ships for free all month long.

Amazing Grace Twist Shower Gel & EDT Set — $56.00

This bigger set includes a full-size bottle of the famous perfume, plus the 3-in-1 shower gel that can be used as a body wash, shampoo, or bath gel. The twist? It comes in either the OG Amazing Grace scent or Amazing Grace with a twist (jasmine, bergamot, or lavender). Mmmm.

Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette Large Collection Set — $94.00

The grandest gift of them all is this 3-piece set that doesn’t even need to be wrapped—the “Graceful Greetings” box looks great under the tree as is. Inside is a bottle of the 4-ounce version of Amazing Grace perfume, a 16-ounce shower gel, and a 16-ounce firming body emulsion. Basically, everything they need for a little at-home self care.

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